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August 14th, 2017 by Suze

What does a busy mum do when she has no time to do any more?

She starts a blog!

There have never been enough hours in a day but now there are three mini Coopers there’s always a mouth to feed, a dispute to referee or a tear to wipe. My mum used to say that even if there were more hours in a day, I would fill them with something. She could talk. She couldn’t sit still and do what she called “nothing”. Her definition of “nothing” being, sitting in front of the television with EastEnders on and nothing in her hands.

You know just sitting.

Just sitting for the purpose of… just sitting.

And so it was back in 2006 that I found myself just sitting in front of EastEnders (and Coronation Street and Hollyoaks and… contemplating watching Emmerdale) that I decided I wanted to write an essay. DH had recently started working mad shifts in London and I was working equally mad shifts nearby and that meant I wasn’t “just sitting” next to anyone. I was just wasting time. Imagine – having time to waste! A distant memory now.

Anyway, rather than just setting myself a task or thinking about how I could do some serious writing. I decided I would do a degree. As you do. I wanted to use a fountain pen and buy new stationery and have folders and use plastic pockets. My MIL had just completed her second degree with the Open University and so it was that I found myself on their website scrolling through subjects and courses.

So my evenings would be filled with reading and assessing, forming opinions and essay writing and I was excited. I was going to get a degree in art history. A subject I had always wanted to know more about and I wanted it now (my impatience is likely to be the subject of many a blog post).

Therein lies the beginnings of what I now believe is an obsession. As I sit here contemplating the next unit of the LearnDirect course I am currently enrolled on, and the Open Study course I have lined up for October, I can only imagine what “just sitting” feels like.

It’s 7.05am on a Monday in the school holidays. I have to be at my volunteering role, with the GIRL baby in two hours time. In that time the three mini Coopers need breakfast, teeth cleaning, a nappy needs changing, pyjamas need to be swapped for clothes. They will also need adult intervention in the next argument over who owns the Ninjago Lego, who owns The Silver Car and whether or not SpiderDog can wear a mask (because after all he is a dog).

What am I doing?

I am about to log in and write some JavaScript to make a computer change words from upper to lower case when you press a button.

Happy Monday!

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