When coding and kids collide graphic
by Suze

The further I delve into the world of web design and development, the more I realise that coding really has

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Points Facebook photo
by Suze

What does going to school have in common with Leysdown seafront? The idea that points win prizes it would seem.

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Photo of a slow cooker with pens and Javascript book inside
by Suze

Since I have been back at the books I have tried to create pockets of time for study. While Mini

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A gif of an artist drawing a realistic lightbulb
by Suze

The silence is deafening here. We are in the middle of a power cut. The lightbulb popped as it went

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Clean Up The F-Word graphic from the Digital Mums campaign
by Suze

Why all this studying? There is a very important reason why and we are hoping it will be the key

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by Suze

It’s National Poetry Day and I just can’t let that pass by. Like studying, poetry is another passion of mine

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Vintage steering wheel photograph
by Suze

Today I woke up and smelt the coffee… and then remembered I don’t like coffee. My plan for this morning

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The wall meme
by Suze

I fear I have hit The Wall. (Which is a shame as it is trying to be a nice friendly

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A photograph h of me at my Open University graduation
by Suze

This photo was taken two years ago today. In it I am about to get the Bit of Paper. I

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Infographic about what to consider before signing up for remote learning
by Suze

Click the title above to enlarge the infographic. Don’t forget to Pin this infographic and while you’re there follow @minicoopersmum

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