In the middle of something

Photograph of a person stood looking out to sea form a cliff edge with test 'Standing in the Middle'

I am standing in the middle. I am 12 weeks into the Digital Mums course with 12 weeks left. I have as far to go as I have come already. As with all journeys it has had its twists and turns. After waiting just under a year to start the course I was more than ready to get going in January. I was instantly swept into the rhythm of lessons, assignments and challenges. The initial burst of learning made me grateful for my previous online study experiences as I grappled with videos, note taking and online chats.

Looking back from the middle…

I was under no illusions when I took on the course. Digital Mums say it will take around 20 hours a week to cover it all – that’s equivalent to a part time job – and I have one of those and a family of three so I knew this would be a challenge. And it has been. So as I stand at the halfway point, here’s what I have learnt so far…

  1. It is possible to have so much in your brain that it stops you in your tracks.
  2. You can lose minutes (sometimes hours) of a day staring at a screen and scrolling.
  3. I have read more books in the last three months than the last seven years. Staring at a screen has reminded me how satisfying it is to turn a physical page.
  4. You can to create a community on Twitter of like-minded, inspiring, awesome people, from all over the world. It takes work, but it is really worthwhile.
  5. It is possible to take part in a Twitter chat and cook dinner for three children at the same time. (It is not possible to do this and then get them all into bed on time.)
  6. Creativity breeds creativity
  7. I am still as impatient as ever
  8. There are so many useful apps out there. The internet appears infinite in its resources.
  9. I couldn’t do this without DH and he is loving being here to be daddy. While the bills still need paying I wouldn’t change this for the world. We just need to be brave enough to keep going.
  10. Things don’t always go as expected.
  11. I don’t have to listen to the same old tired ‘I told you so’ stories my inner critic is so fond of telling. Instead of letting the ‘why does this always happen to me?’ story get me down, I have got curious about why I hear that when things don’t turn out as planned. While I wouldn’t say it’s effortless to turn things around in my mind, I can now see there is a different way of approaching a situation when it doesn’t play out as expected. This is how I am moving forward.

So Snapchat is still a mystery, LinkedIn is a grower and my real friends haven’t seen me for an age on Facebook. Google+ is like the kid playing hide and seek and watching while everyone tries to find him, while Instagram and Pinterest play nicely in the corner creating amazing things and YouTube jumps up and down in the corner for fear of missing something.

Looking forward from the middle…

I stand on the brink of week 12 knowing the most intense period of the course is on the horizon. The Campaign. I can almost hear the movie trailer now: “The main event – coming soon.” For one reason and another, one being the end of the two week Easter break, week 12 feels like starting all over again. Except this time I have my Digital Mums cohort cheering me on (Go Katie Couric – Highs 5s all round) and I know I only have to go as far as I have already come to end up in a very different place.


April 18th, 2018 by