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September 28th, 2017 by Suze

It’s National Poetry Day and I just can’t let that pass by.

Like studying, poetry is another passion of mine ignited after having a baby. Although I had been writing poetry for many years, it was only after Mini Cooper 1 that I had a surge of poetic creativity. That manifested itself in a series of poems written throughout the first year of his life.

So, in celebration of National Poetry Day, here is one I think most parents will relate to…



Three steps and a hop

Over creaky stair tread, stop.

Lean on the wall, lift leg, wait.

Hold your breath, hesitate.

Shuffle over bumpy tiles

Past the dirty washing piles,

Slide along the door, be swift

Hear the groan of the house shift

Four quick tip toes

Six quick quick slows

Breathe out slowly, just keep calm

Damn that stupid car alarm

Keep your cool now, nearly there

Past the window, mind the chair

Whiny floorboard, one last leap

Anything to keep the babe asleep.


Image of Mumology book cover

Taken from ‘Mumology’ by Scoop. A collection of poems I wrote during the first year of becoming a mum. Available in paperback or as a digital download from


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