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Clean Up The F-Word graphic from the Digital Mums campaign

Why all this studying? There is a very important reason why and we are hoping it will be the key

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It’s National Poetry Day and I just can’t let that pass by. Like studying, poetry is another passion of mine

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Vintage steering wheel photograph

Today I woke up and smelt the coffee… and then remembered I don’t like coffee. My plan for this morning

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The wall meme

I fear I have hit The Wall. (Which is a shame as it is trying to be a nice friendly

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A photograph h of me at my Open University graduation

This photo was taken two years ago today. In it I am about to get the Bit of Paper. I

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Infographic about what to consider before signing up for remote learning

Click the title above to enlarge the infographic. Don’t forget to Pin this infographic and while you’re there follow @minicoopersmum

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Photograph of the three Mini Cooper's feet

So the schools are back in full force this week and I am trying to find a little more structure

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A .gif of Sadness from the film Inside Out crying

We interrupt this Saturday morning because I need a hug. I have just spent a snatched hour between Wake Up

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Meme photo collage of Mini Cooper 3 learning to crawl

It appears there are more similarities between learning to crawl and learning JavaScript than I first realised. This has been

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Javascript in multi-coloured fridge magnets

This week I have learnt the following… – Being 37 feels like being 36, but closer to 40 – Being

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